Realine Dental Restorations Pleasant Hill

For adults with minor to moderate alignment problems, the idea of having to wear bulky metal braces for months on end can be a significant deterrent. At the Pleasant Hill dental office of Dr. Kevin T. Dowd, our team offers realine® as a minimally invasive way to correct minute orthodontic problems without compromising the appearance of your smile. 

Understanding Realine®

Thanks to modern orthodontic innovations, Realine® offers patients a cosmetically appealing, highly functional alternative to traditional braces. Over the course of treatment, Realine® uses five sets of transparent aligning trays to gradually move the patient's teeth into the correct position. 

At our Pleasant Hill dental office, Realine® presents a versatile and highly effective treatment alternative for patients looking to correct minor dental issues. In particular, Dr. Dowd frequently recommends Realine® as an orthodontic realignment solution for individuals that have previously undergone braces treatment and who are looking to regain confidence in their smiles.

Why Should I Realine®?

When compared to traditional metal orthodontia, this clear braces alternative features a number of benefits throughout the five phase treatment process. Prior to even selecting Realine® as their treatment method, impressions of the patient’s smile are taken to create a treatment plan. With these images, models are created to give patients an idea as to what the end result would look like following the end of their care.

During treatment, the clear aligners used by Realine® offer flexibility, comfort, and convenience that is unparalleled by traditional braces. As the aligners are removable, patients can take out their aligning trays prior to eating, drinking, brushing their teeth, and flossing. Not only does this make oral care easy to maintain, but the removable feature also allows individuals to take charge of their treatment. With Realine®, patients visit our Pleasant Hill dental office at the start of each phase for check-ups and to receive their next set of aligning trays. 

The transparency of the aligning trays also makes them a popular option for adult patients looking to discreetly and comfortably realign their smiles. Where patients with traditional metal braces often hide their smiles to prevent their treatment from becoming a distraction, Realine® patients are free to go about their professional and social schedules confidently, knowing that their treatment is not a distraction. 

Realine® trays are made of a flexible plastic that sits comfortably in the mouth. As there is no metal involved in the treatment plan, patients can wear the aligners comfortably for the recommended 22 hours a day without suffering from soft tissue irritation caused by traditional braces. 

Clear Braces with Dr. Dowd

At our Pleasant Hill practice, Dr. Dowd is committed to helping patients find the right treatment option to help them correct their smile. For more information about Realine® and to determine the right alignment solution for your orthodontic needs, contact our Pleasant Hill dental team today. 

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