How a Family Dental Practice Can Instill Proper Oral Health for Generations

July 10, 2018

Family dental offices help patients of all ages enjoy beautiful and healthy smiles in several important ways. While family dentistry is not a specialty, a family dentist has a more expansive range of patients and a different approach to care than a professional who practices cosmetic dentistry only. A cosmetic dentist may exclusively see adults and focus on improving appearances, as opposed to building a foundation of health and wellness.

Dr. Kevin Dowd is a family dentist who is committed to creating and maintaining proper dental health from childhood into adulthood and for ensuing generations. 

Creating Positive First Impressions

Dental anxiety, developed at a young age or inherited from parents, can go a long way to affect the health of your smile. Patients who had negative experiences with the dentist in childhood often avoid the routine treatment they need to keep cavities and gum disease at bay. It makes sense then that a fun and welcoming experience early on helps children, and even parents, feel good about visiting the dentist. 

When you feel safe and cared for by your dentist, you don’t hesitate to schedule and keep important preventive dental cleanings and exams, not to mention preventing harmful dental anxiety.

Oral Health Education

It almost feels like common knowledge that brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is important. But many patients take this for granted and don’t completely understand how decay happens and what at-home oral hygiene does to prevent it. Dr. Dowd uses routine dental appointments as educational opportunities for kids and parents alike. He uses models of teeth and toothbrushes to show patients the best ways to keep their teeth clean. 

Many patients may not expect their dentist to be a source for diet advice, but dental education can also include tips on foods to avoid and how certain nutritional choices can affect the health of dental enamel and soft tissue. Understanding best practices when it comes to your smile is an ideal way to keep you smiling confidently for years to come. 


Perhaps the most important role your family dentist plays in maintaining the health of your smile is preventive care in the form of twice yearly visits. At these appointments, Dr. Dowd takes X-rays of teeth to determine any problem spots or the initial signs of decay so he can take quick action. Twice yearly preventive visits are also used to thoroughly clean and polish teeth. Patients may think they can get a deep clean at home using electric toothbrushes, and while these tools certainly help, only a professional dental cleaning can remove debris and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas. This is essential to avoiding the need for extensive restorative treatment.

Give your family the best possible start for healthy smiles now and in the future. Dr. Dowd and his entire office support care and positive experiences for all members of your family. Call or visit today to learn more about what we can do for you.