Benefits of Composite Resin vs. Amalgam Fillings

By Kevin Dowd March 8, 2018

At the office of Kevin T. Dowd, DDS, we focus on providing our patients with quality dental care that benefits them holistically. In order to better serve our patients of Contra Costa County, we provide only composite resin fillings to protect our patients from the mercury found in traditional amalgam fillings. With the county’s current ban, we too are focused on keeping our community healthy and smiling. Below are some benefits of composite resin fillings compared to amalgam.
Aesthetically Pleasing
Traditional metal fillings are noticeable in the smile. Like porcelain, composite resin fillings have the look and feel like natural teeth, while the shade of the material can be matched to the coloring of your existing teeth. If you have a chip or a filling in the front or visible parts of your smile, white fillings offer a discreet treatment that restores aesthetics. This versatility allows for composite fillings to be used to treat chipped, broken, or worn teeth, not just for cavities and decay.
Retaining Healthy Tooth Enamel
When receiving a metal filling, more of the tooth structure must be removed to properly bond the restoration. Composite resin fillings spare the additional preparation by removing less structure than needed for traditional fillings. White fillings provide further support to the tooth structure by chemically bonding to the enamel. This may require more time in the chair and additional visits to ensure proper coloring and placement.
A small percentage of patients are allergic to the mercury found in amalgam fillings. Mercury can be a highly toxic chemical and is harmful to patients. Metal fillings can exude a low level of mercury vapor, and over time this can be detrimental to overall health.
Composite resin fillings allow patients a healthier alternative to amalgam fillings. Made from a mixture of plastics and glass materials, tooth-colored fillings are safer for those with known metal allergies. Although they do not last as long as metal fillings, they offer long-lasting health benefits that keep the smile mercury free.
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Composite fillings offer natural looking and healthier alternative to metal fillings. If you are interested in learning more about composite resin filings in Pleasant Hill and the surrounding communities throughout Contra Costa County, contact the office of Kevin T. Dowd, DDS in today for more information about our aesthetically pleasing restorations.