How Dental Implants Improve Restoration Functionality

March 30, 2018

There may come a time when you need to restore a broken, cracked, or weakened tooth. As much you expect your teeth to last forever, tooth decay and dental trauma can cause significant complications for your smile.

When you have a tooth that is no longer functional on its own, consider restorative procedures. Durable and beautiful prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants are popular options for improving the strength and stability of your teeth.

Particularly popular are dental implants, which consist of titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone. Although you might believe that only a dental crown is necessary, an implant can significantly improve both health and function.

Why an Implant May Be Necessary

The crown of your tooth is the visible portion of the gum line. It’s what you brush and floss on a daily basis, and it’s what makes up your smile. Although much attention is paid to the crowns of your teeth, much of your dentition is beneath the gums.

The roots of your teeth keep your crowns in place and supply them with necessary nutrients. When these are damaged, the is also vulnerable. Without healthy tooth roots, the crowns of your teeth are essentially useless.

A dental implant replaces the natural root of your tooth, increasing strength and functionality. Once the implant heals, a ceramic crown can be secured, creating a comprehensive replica of your natural tooth.

The implant and crown work together to restore the health of your smile. Without the dental implant, you may be putting yourself at risk for resorption, where jaw bone volume starts to diminish.

Life After Dental Implant Placement

Receiving dental implants may sound like a complicated treatment, but the procedure is safe and results in a healthy smile. Once your implants have healed and restorations are placed, you can expect your new restorations to act just like your natural teeth. You can eat and drink all of your favorite foods and practice the same oral hygiene techniques as you normally would.

The goal of dental implant treatment is to restore your smile to complete health. Dentition that is fully functional will improve your quality of life and ensure that you take full advantage of a healthy set of teeth.

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